When your computations reach a certain critical size which could benefit from larger computing facilities, we suggest you to apply for CPU time either at the CADMOS consortium or at CSCS.



CADMOS (Center for Advanced Modeling Science) is a consortium between the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva and the EPFL. Beside an application support service for its users, CADMOS operates the Lemanicus Blue Gene/Q machine : a supercomputer with 16384 cores able to run up to 65536 concurrent threads. Every permanent scientific collaborator of the three institutions can submit a project proposal.

In order to be financed by CADMOS, a project must show that it needs a large amount of computing nodes. A test account for small-sized (partitions of 64 and 128 compute nodes) runs must be requested to complete the required scalability benchmarks for the project proposal.

There is no specific deadline for project proposals. The standard allocated resource period is six months or one year renewable.

More information:

CADMOS - user policy - resources - submit a proposal



CSCS operates cutting-edge computer systems as an essential service facility for Swiss researchers. The pool of national high-performance computers is available to its users as a so-called User Lab: all researchers in Switzerland can use the supercomputer infrastructure.

In order to get an account at CSCS, you need to submit a preparatory project proposal.

The allocation periods for production and large development projects start on April 1st and on October 1st, and the deadlines for proposal submissions are in November and May, respectively.

CHRONOS Projects (Computationally-Intensive, High-Impact Research On Novel Outstanding Science) can be submitted once a year.

SCITAS provides support for drafting proposals (preparatory, development). Do not hesitate to contact us.

More information:

CSCS - allocation schemes - resources available - CHRONOS


Providing computing resources, training and expertise to the EPFL community.

  • General purpose and specialized computing platforms
  • Training
  • Application support

Machines status

Bellatrix: UP
  • Castor: UP
  • Deneb: UP
  • Fidis: UP
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