HPC application support call for proposals

In order to promote our application support activities, SCITAS has decided to award dedicated application support time for short term projects (3 to 6 months) on a competitive basis. This specialized support is designed to develop scientific codes to fully take advantage of the current generation of supercomputers (GPUs, Xeon and Xeon Phi) to answer high-impact scientific questions.Manpower will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • High Performance Computing and Data Analytics software development need
  • Reproducible computing
  • Scientific impact

In order to apply, we ask you to submit a proposal, no longer than 2 pages, with the following content:

  • Scientific part
    The scientific relevance of the work being done
  • State of the art
    What code is already available, what are the results on some simple test cases.
  • Targeted code achievements
    If the work can be split in independent subparts, please mention it clearly (for example: 1 month at 50% for task A, or 10 person-days during 2 months for task B).
  • Long term impact
    How would this collaboration impact your science in the long term.

Successful projects development will use the Agile Manifesto principles to minimize risks.

This call will be issued twice a year. The first deadline for proposals submission is July 1st, 2017, with collaboration starting on September 1st.

Please send your proposal to vittoria.rezzonico@epfl.ch.