Cluster specifications

Deneb is an Intel Xeon based cluster available to the EPFL comunity since November 17th, 2014.

  • Peak performance: 293 TFLOPs (211 in CPUs, 92 in GPUs)
  • Total RAM: 37TB
  • Storage: 350TB

The cluster is composed of

  • two front ends,
  • two master nodes in charge of administration and backup,
  • 376 compute nodes, each with
    • 2 Ivy Bridge processors running at 2.6 GHz, with 8 cores each,
    • 64 GB of DDR3 RAM,
  • 144 compute nodes, each with
    • 2 Haswell processors running at 2.5 GHz, with 12 cores each
    • 64 GB of DDR4 RAM
  • 16 GPU accelerated nodes, each with 4 K40 NVIDIA cards
  • 8 large memory nodes, each with 256 GB of RAM
  • 2 NUMA nodes, each with 4 processors and 512 GB of RAM
  • Infiniband QDR 2:1 connectivity,
  • GPFS filesystem.

Requesting access to the GPU nodes

In order to use the GPU nodes we request that you submit a description of the code you wish to use and the performance benefits expected. You will then be invited to meet our application and GPU experts to discuss your proposal.