Job types

No low-latency connectivity is available on Castor. This means that the machine is most suited for sequential calculations. Parallel calculations on one node are tolerated.

Cluster specifications

Castor is a Dalco Intel Ivy Bridge cluster, available from March 2014. It is composed by:

  • a front-end;
  • an administration and backup node;
  • 50 standard nodes with 64 GB of RAM each;
  • 2 large memory nodes with 256 GB of RAM each;
  • an NFS storage server of 22 TB;
  • the nodes are interconnected by a 10 GbE network.

Each node has 2 Ivy Bridge processors with 8 cores each, running at 2.6GHz (model name: Intel Xeon E5-2650 v2).

The batch management is done by SLURM.

Detailed hardware information

Castor server architecture