The cluster specifically tailored for sequential calculations.

Cluster specifications

Castor is a Dalco Intel Ivy Bridge cluster, available from March 2014. It is composed by:

  • a front-end;
  • an administration and backup node;
  • 50 standard nodes with 64 GB of RAM each;
  • 2 large memory nodes with 256 GB of RAM each;
  • an NFS storage server of 22 TB;
  • the nodes are interconnected by a 10 GbE network.

Each node has 2 Ivy Bridge processors with 8 cores each, running at 2.6GHz (model name: Intel Xeon E5-2650 v2).

The batch management is done by SLURM.

Training and documentation

Training courses available:


Job types

No low-latency connectivity is available on Castor. This means that the machine is most suited for sequential calculations. Parallel calculations on one node are tolerated.


Billing will be different from the others clusters as groups will be billed by the actual usage of the machine (core*hours, memory usage).



Detailed hardware information

Castor server architecture