Accounts on our facilities

Anyone with a valid accréditation at EPFL can request an account on our facilities.

See also: Prices and SLAs.

Accounts for researchers


Any user can request an account free of charge. The following limits are currently applied to the user:

  • maximum wall clock time: 6 hours
  • maximum number of nodes used per job: 1
  • low priority access

Limits can change without notice

Ask for a free account here.


Premium accounts are charged for their real usage of the system. The fees are eligible for FNS and ERC as service costs.

Quarterly invoices will be sent to the lab. The invoices can be sent to FNS and ERC for reimbursement.

In case no commitment is made, the following limits are enforced to prevent excessive CPU time usage.

  • maximum wall clock time: 72 hours (3 days)
  • maximum number of nodes per job: 8 (1 on Castor)

Jobs from Premium users are scheduled with an elevated priority compared to those from free. Premium accounts are not specific to one cluster.

After request from the responsible and a discussion with SCITAS staff to ensure sufficient resources, these limits can be raised temporarily.

Limits may change after discussion and notice.

To move from a Free to a Premium account please ask the head of the laboratory to fill in this form.

Four-years commitment

Labs can commit a certain amount of money to SCITAS. Commitments are specific to a cluster and the equivalent shares will be entered in the scheduler for it to ensure that this amount can be consumed.

Additionally, groups with commitments can submit in the other SCITAS clusters with the priority associated with Premium accounts. Usage on the other clusters is invoiced along with the usage done under the commitment.

The lab is charged for their real usage of the system. The fees are eligible for FNS and ERC as service costs.

A call is issued twice a year (September and March), moreover, commitments can be announced by contacting us.

All purchase of CPU hours – with or without commitment – will be submitted to a contract between the Lab and SCITAS.

Reservations for research emergencies

It is now possible to make nodes reservations for emergencies (end of thesis, conference or paper submission deadline,…) via this form.

The cost will be twice with respect to the pay-per-use cost, all reserved CPU time will be invoiced even if it is not used.

We can allocate a total maximum of 40 nodes to reservations.

The maximum duration of a reservation is 2 weeks.

Accounts for students

Classes and workshops

It is possible to make reservations on our facilities for classes or workshops

All requests should be submitted via this form and you will then be contacted by a member of the SCITAS team.

More details are available here.

Master or Bachelor projects

Bachelor and Master students can request a student account on our facilities via this form. The student must indicate their supervisor name. SCITAS will contact the supervisor for validation and then create the account.

A total of 5000 core hours are available to the student. After the 5000 core hours are consumed, the lab can either pay for the additional hours or the student account is commuted into a free account

Students working in labs that have shares on the machines have the possibility to access the lab’s shares. This must be indicated in the form as a remark.

External collaborators

External collaborators can have an account provided they have an accreditation within the lab they are collaborating with. In order to give access to your external collaborators, ask your administrative assistant to add them to your lab as a guest (hôte) with a GASPAR username and password.

Account request forms