Connecting to the clusters

The clusters are accessible via SSH at the following adresses:

SSH clients are available by default on MacOS X and Linux. For windows, we recommend PuTTY.

Please conect using your GASPAR username and password as follows:

ssh -Y

On each cluster you have access to your home directory at /home/yourusername and scratch space at /scratch/username (aries and bellatrix) or /scratch/yourgroupname/youusername (castor)


Of these /home is where you arrive after logging in - by default you have a quota of 100GB and this space is backed up to the EPFL central systems every day. This means that important things like source code, results and theses should go here. The /home filesystem is shared across all the clusters. 


The /scratch system is much larger as is the quota so this is where large datasets will need to go. This is not backed up and all data here should be considered as disposable!

Please note that from outside the EPFL network you will need to connect to the VPN - See the FAQ entry for more details



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