Asking for an account on our facilities


General purpose clusters

All members of EPFL can request an account.

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Account request forms

Account creation for lab or project, pay-per-use with or without commitment

Account request for individual users, free or students

Reservation for HPC courses

Account deletion


External collaborators

External collaborators can ask for an account provided they have an accreditation within the lab they are collaborating with. In order to give access to your external collaborators, ask your administrative assistant to add them to your lab as a guest (hôte) with intranet access (accès intranet) rights and a GASPAR password. Then, they will be able to  ask for an account on their own.



Students can get access to the machines in two ways:

  • Exercise sessions for classes: see this page.
  • Individual account for projects: the student asks for an account like any other user and indicates his supervisor in the form. Students working in labs that have shares on the machines have the possibility to access the lab's shares. This must be indicated in the form as a remark.


Providing computing resources, training and expertise to the EPFL community.

  • General purpose and specialized computing platforms
  • Training
  • Application support

Machines status

Maintenance schedule



HPC Coordination
Tel: +41 (0) 21 693 12 34

Tel: +41 (0) 21 693 14 05